Drive your business with predictive data exploration & evaluation




  • Sales Opportunities & Threats
  • Unique Consumer Needs



  • Future Sales & Profits
  • Find areas of improvement



  • Alternative Future Scenarios
  • Evaluate the best action



  • Timely with  Power to Predict
  • Reduce Poorly Targeted Investment

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Retail & Consumer Sector, Financial Services, Telecom & Smart Cities

Increase sales, profits and customer engagement

  1. Smarter Sales by using Multi-Channel, Customer & Market Data
  2. Spot new  opportunities,  take timely action
  3. Improve Marketing effectiveness and enhance customer Engagement
  4. Improve Distribution and production efficiency
  5. Dynamic actionable insight from big data

Singular SDAX™ case studies

Explore.Predict.Simulate.Compete with  Smart Data


  1. An FMCG  Company leveraging ERP, Customer, Market, and  other external data for  spotting untapped sales opportunities and improving Distribution efficiency.
  2. A Retail Bank leveraging customer, transaction, online  and other external  data for improving Marketing effectiveness and Product innovation.
  3. A Telecom Company  for E-Commerce Cross Sell opportunities prediction and effective marketing.

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Transforming Data



Learn more : Data-vantage and digital disruption

A Company’s data and big data is a unique asset.It has the potential to create new business  insight and value when combined and processed with right models and technologies.In the Gartner E-Book (‘Datatopia…’), Sarvesh Kumar, Founder & CEO of Singular Intelligence, discusses growing disruption of business models in the world of Data-Vantage and need for strategy, process and tools to build Information as an asset.Singular Intelligence offers  this capability,  designed for  business users in an intuitive, visual  web interface.Watch this On-Demand Webinar Recording: Smarter Sales by using Multi-Channel, Customer and Market Data.

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