Artificial Intelligence is at the core of the solution we built, and a true game-changer for the Consumer Goods industry.

With Artificial Intelligence technology, we transform the massive complexity of sales and marketing decision-making (pricing, promotion, marketing, media, demand forecasting and supply planning): it now is fast, seamless, highly effective, with a promise of optimal results. 

  • AI technology only can integrate, harmonise, and make dynamic predictive analytics with the volume and diversity of scattered, fragmented, disconnected available data.

  • When it currently takes time, at a high cost, to analyse incomplete data, and to run just a few approximate scenarios, the power of AI enables accurate scenarios and recommendations, in real-time.

  • AI is a no brAIner for people and teams:

    • But, this is first an AI solution built by real people for real people. We trust that by solving decision-making issues, we augment their own and their team’ decision power and finally make space for what people are good at (creativity and communication).

    • This is a pure AI based solution, very advanced and dedicated to the Consumer Goods industry.


Our AI platform offers an all in one solution: 

  1. Data ingestion and harmonisation (in a data hub) – powered by AI.

  2. Dynamic decision analytics engine – predictions powered by AI.

  3. Decisions and optimisation tools: alerts, scenario simulations, recommendations – powered by AI, accessed through an advanced data visualisation software.



Futura Light is a much loved font inspired by elements of Bauhaus design. Ideal for headlines, banners, logos & more, it will make your words stand out.

Futura Light is a much loved font inspired by elements of Bauhaus design. Ideal for headlines, banners, logos & more, it will make your words stand out.


...modeling, analysis for consumer data value chain - alerts, recommendations, optimal strategy simulations (AI + Machine Learning).


...humans and machines with collaborative, actionable, intuitive decisions (interactive visual analytics + cognitive modeling).


...across categories / uses cases / functions, at granular and aggregate business level (proprietary AI techniques for automated modeling and learning).


In more details, the Singular Intelligence technology is an innovative SaaS product, cloud based. It uses a combination of advanced AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learnings techniques. All the foundations of an AI driven analytical application are pre-built into the Si-DAX platform saving man-years of development time. 
It’s a unique data crunching engine that analyses data feeds and predict future outcomes for your business. Si-DAX solutions consider the widest possible spectrum of causal factors at the finest level of detail in near real time.
Specific applications can be selected (for FMCG/CPG companies, for Retailers). Or they can be developed to your own specification: the Si-DAX™ platform is taught to understand the specificity of your unique business, and through deep learning is improving the accuracy of your business outcome forecasts, as it experiences more of your data and accounts for the resultant business outcomes.
All possible relevant 
data, tailored outputs: the data collected by your internal systems such as sales and production records is very valuable, but it only represents one, narrow perspective on your markets and there is a myriad of additional factors that can influence the success of a promotion. 
Si-DAX™ brings together historical real-time and predicted data from your own in-house applications, from external market data feeds and from news and weather feeds, social media, consumer satisfaction sites 
surveys, and other online sources.

From data to intelligence: SiDAX™ uses neural networking techniques to examine the data, and deep learning algorithms constantly improve on its predictions as real-world results are monitored and used to fine-tune the the contextual information that can be derived from news, weather and social media. Because this data is written in natural language and requires "understanding" before it can be meaningfully added to the parameters that contribute to your analysis, most traditional analytical systems cannot consume it.
Most data sources are complex and unstructured; SiDAX™ is uniquely capable of performing advanced, self-correcting predictive analytics across all types of data, including Big Data. 

Predictive analytics leading to best decisions: one of the most powerful features of SiDAX™  is the ability to model and predict future outcomes using simulations that account for all the variables in your market and allow you to play out scenarios and foresee their impact in advance. When combined with the deep learning algorithms in Si-DAX, extremely accurate warnings and notifications can be set up that alert you to problems whilst you still have time to avoid them. 

...from all causal data (contexts and constraints), in real-time (NLP, Machine Learning, AI, Data Wrangling).


It transforms the speed, accuracy and usability of analytical applications.

1. Speed, which is not just about the response time of a query; it is about the time and effort it takes to collate and prepare the data for analysis. In order to be relevant, data needs to be comprehensive and fresh. Si-DAX automatically collatesandharmonises all the data sources (3rd party, web and internal) that make up the full picture of your own business, market conditions and competitive landscape.
2. Accuracy, particularly with predictive analytics is the key area where the AI technique called deep learning is transforming analytics. By automatically learning from business outcomes, and constantly adapting and evolving the analytical routines in response, not only delivers incredible accuracy, but this is maintained as market and business conditions evolve.
3. Usability: By automating the technical and mathematical aspects of data analysis, all business users can benefit from insights,
alertsand recommendations identified by Si-DAX regardless of job role or skill set.
4. Diversity of inputs: Most analytical systems work from structured business data residing in the relational databases that underpin standard business application ( ERP, CRM etc). Si-DAX additionally accepts non structured - aka "Big" data from web and IoT sources. Most importantly it automatically combines and harmonises
these different and incompatible data types into a proprietary universal data structure that allows every information source to contribute to delivering the most accurate and reliable insights.
4. Interaction designed with users in mind: It’s not an engineering tool for engineers; Si-DAX solutions are designed for business users, is ready to use and does not require technical skills.

  • Monitoring your data for significant events is fully automated.

  • Alerting you to opportunities or threats can be delivered through your preferred communication technology (email, text, etc).

  • Recommended response strategies can be tested and compared either via the Si-DAX web application or through your own preferred dashboard technology.

  • You can even talk to Si-DAX via a chat-bot.


Starting in 2014, we built this powerful analytical engine in conjunction with mathematicians and data scientists from Oxford University and other internationally respected academic institutions. 

We put together a team of data science, machine learning, and deep learning experts. They are graduates from Oxford, and have worked for some of the most advanced companies.

We have also been partnering with some of the most powerful companies in the field of data analytics, computing, and AI, including Microsoft and SAP.


Over the years your company will have invested a significant amount of money in IT systems and collected terabytes of data from the business applications you use every day. The chances are that you even have an application that was bought specifically to address the challenges outlined above. Price optimisation and management (PO&M), AKA Price Revenue Management (PRM) solutions, either as stand alone systems or features of a more comprehensive ERP suite have been a "must -have" for FMCG companies since the mid-1990's


The Singular Intelligence platform doesn't necessarily replace these technologies, it is designed to enhance them. The unique capability of the Singular Intelligence system to import any data from any source and the self structuring, machine learning nature of the artificial intelligence engine means it can share data with almost any existing IT infrastructure and deliver additional new value from current and historical data collected over many years, seamlessly blending it with " live" data feeds from the web and SiDAXthird party data providers.


The Singular Intelligence SaaS platform provides your company with a significant competitive advantage over your rivals that are still wholly reliant upon 20th century computing constraints.

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