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about us.

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Our Story

At Singular Intelligence,

we are passionate about solving the challenges of quality & speed of commercial decision making at scale and help build it as an organisational competence.

We envision a future where entities in a human-machine eco-system take dynamic, collaborative decisions and actions leveraging a ‘distributed deep-reinforcement learning network’ using multi-structured data seamlessly.

The problem of decision latency has its roots in several stages of information processing


1. Inability to have all diverse data - contextual and historical, multi-structured,

at the point of decision making


2. Inability to process all causal factors to learn market/performance drivers


3. Inability to get an idea of all possible alternative future scenarios in time


4. The inability of teams to collaborate, build and evaluate the future scenarios

that align best with the growth strategy

Current information systems & processes create significant data and information latency that cause expensive delays and additional risk in business decision making.



& Vision

Singular Intelligence has a focus on building software solutions driven by

Artificial Intelligence & Data that enable efficiencies at scale and sustainable growth in Industries that are core to the fundamental needs of human society.

Our vision is to empower Reliable, Timely Decisions at scale,

for commercial and social benefits enabling:


1.  Augmented, automated decisions considering all causal factors


2.  Dynamic business model innovation eliminating inefficiency at scale 


3.  Precision, hyper-local- segmented alignment of products & consumers

Singular team is Bold, Driven, Smart and acts with Integrity, harmony and focus

Singular Intelligence Team Values

Our Values


The business of building solutions

using data to ensure privacy, security and confidentiality of enterprise and personal data, as mandated by prevailing laws along with building healthy sustainable relationships in the Industry


We believe that effective communication,

when coupled with a principled approach to ethical considerations, is a competitive advantage, and will lead to progress even when hard moral issues are on the line.


We will value and actively seek diversity,

equality and inclusion. Diverse teams that are representative and inclusive are smarter, provide higher returns, and help create products and services that work for a greater number of people in society.

Sarvesh Kumar

Founder & CEO

Sarvesh Kumar

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The AI & Data Analytics Entrepreneur.
Built Successful Analytics & Data Businesses (US & Europe). Ex CTO. Masters in Strategy & Innovation, Oxford University.

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Industry Solutions Advisor

Dr Ben Schubert

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PhD, Ex Nielsen Innovation Practice

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Strategic Marketing Advisor

Tamir Shabat  

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Ex CEO ( Retail, FMCG, Supply Chain, Finance & Legal)


Singular Intelligence Investors


Loughborough University Logo
Singular Intelligence Research Partner Loughborough University

The Loughborough team has strong track record in ML, AI and data science. It specialises in improving the interpretability of advanced AI techniques and adapting deep reinforcement learning methods to real-world applications including smart car navigation and controlling network cache strategies. These applications are very similar in complexity and uncertainty to the business decision context in the consumer goods and retail market.


With Loughborough’s expertise, the development of the explainable AI method will instil strong client confidence

in the automated recommendations to help build

a market leading product.

About us header copy.jpg
We are on a mission to bridge the gap between people and AI, join us
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