The Business vision and mission

Singular Intelligence is building an ‘Artificial Intelligence Platform for Business decisions in Quantified Markets and Industry 4.0’

‘Singular Intelligence’ means a reliable capability to take optimal decisions combining artificial and human intelligence that is dynamic with changing context and grows with experience. As digital and big data quantify markets, Industry and society, this augmented capability will be core to commercial and personal decisions. Building this capability for business and social impact is our mission.

At Singular Intelligence, we are passionate about solving the challenges of quality and speed of commercial decision making at scale and help build it as an organisational competence. We envision a future where entities in a human-machine eco-system take dynamic, collaborative decisions and actions leveraging a ‘distributed deep-reinforcement learning network’ using multi-structured data seamlessly. This changes the paradigm from decisions based on historical, manual analysis and modelling to augmented, automated, predictive decisions and inflight optimisation, significantly reducing risk and cost, improving the overall accuracy, speed, performance and efficiency.


We are leveraging latest advances in AI, Advanced Analytics and Data to build decision automation solutions covering key use cases of global scale impact, to start with the consumer goods sector where it has a high commercial and social impact.

The Team

Singular Intelligence team combines many years of global, Industry and technology sector experience in AI, Consumer goods, Retail, Analytics, Business Intelligence and data technologies. The company started in partnership with Oxford University and has a number of key data, technology and research partners working incessantly to be at the forefront of innovation. The Founder and leadership team have prior experience of building and growing businesses.


Founder & CEO

Sarvesh Kumar

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The AI & Data Analytics Entrepreneur.
Built Successful Analytics & Data Businesses (US & Europe). Ex CTO. Masters in Strategy & Innovation, Oxford University.

Industry Solutions Director

Steve Gladwell

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The FMCG Insights Guru.
20+ years of experience in Insights and Strategy.
Director at Pladis / United Biscuits.

Commercial Director

Nick Marr

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15+ years of experience supporting Consumer Goods and Retail businesses with analytics and technology solutions. Broad experience through European leadership roles with Nielsen, Mars and a number of innovative technology start ups.

Chief Financial Officer

Tamir Shabat

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CxO Roles in FMCG and Food & Drink Sector. 
Masters in Strategy & Innovation, Oxford University.

Marketing Director

Jean Littolff

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The Market Expert.20+ years of experience in Senior International Sales and Marketing Roles at Nielsen, GfK, HP, and various tech startups. An alumni from Sciences-Po Paris and La Sorbonne University Paris.

Director, Platform & Products


Kalyan Sundaram

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20+ years of experience, ex Head of Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, at Mahindra and Intel. Consumer Goods and Retail sectors. Masters.

Technical Director, AI & Predictive Analytics

Bhavani Shankar

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20+ years of experience in Deep Learning, ML and NLP Technologies, Data Scientist, Big Data Analytics. Retail experience, at Tesco and Coop.Masters and PhD.

Technical leader – Data Engineering

Sanjay Rao

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20+ years of experience in Data technologies and Data Warehousing, Ex Walmart, Cognizant, Teradata, Tesco

MBA and Engineering Degree


Singular intelligence follows a structured product R&D process to continuously improve our AI platform and modelling solutions. Our product R&D process includes the following steps: 

- We assess the technologies currently at Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 2 or 3 – initial academic research

- Develop the concept to TRL 4 on our own or in partnership with academic research

- Develop it to TRL 5 / 6 technology - a prototype validated and demonstrated in a relevant environment (This is generally a 3-6 months or more, but collaborative and funded project).

- Which is then offered as a pilot to customers for ‘trial in the operational environment’


This process of  Industrial or Applied Research is core to bring reliable solutions from frontiers of research in AI to customers.

Singular Intelligence benefits from the most advanced academic progress, from Research Partnerships within Oxford University,  the Leeds Beckett University Retail Institute, and Loughborough University spanning AI, Analytics and Retail sector research.

Singular Values

Singular Intelligence has a focus on building software solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence & Data that enable efficiencies at scale and sustainable growth in Industries that are core to the fundamental needs of human society. Our vision is to empower Reliable, Timely Decisions at scale, for commercial and social benefits enabling

  1. Augmented, automated decisions considering all causal factors

  2. Dynamic business model innovation eliminating inefficiency at scale

  3. Precision, hyper-local- segmented alignment of products and consumers

Singular team is Bold, Driven, Smart and acts with Integrity, harmony and focus.

Data Privacy and Security

The business of building solutions using data puts additional responsibility on Singular Intelligence team to ensure privacy, security and confidentiality of enterprise and personal data, as applicable and mandated by prevailing laws ( such as GDPR) as well as for building healthy sustainable relationships in the Industry, with clients and partners practicing highest standards of ethics and morality.

AI for Augmenting Human Abilities

Singular Intelligence builds AI solutions that augment human abilities for a better and more prosperous world. We ensure that

  1. an ethics framework is followed in building of these solutions

  2. identify and eliminate data led bias as an integral process and

  3. build Interpretable AI that decomposes factors utilised in outputs - predictions and


  4. While it is important to consider the risks of new technologies, this should be done in

    the context of expected benefits. The benefits should be clear, likely, and outweigh potential, reasonable risks. They should be evaluated for different user groups and for any affected non-user groups (especially when there are competing values or interests between these groups), and with consideration of plausible future trends or changes (such as greater compute capacity, a solution coming to dominate the market, etc).

  5. Have a process that will monitor and test that our products or services meet these goals, purposes and intended applications.

  6. Where possible Singular Intelligence will also open up its software capabilities for wider use by the Industry esp. for greater social and environmental benefits.

Be worthy of trust

We will make all efforts to explain the purpose and limitations of our solutions so that users are not misled or confused.

We will communicate clearly the benefits and potential risks of SI products and the actions we have taken to deliver benefits and avoid, minimise, or mitigate the risks and ensure that processes are in place to address the concerns and complaints of users and other parties, and that these are transparent. We believe that effective communication, when coupled with a principled approach to ethical considerations, is a competitive advantage, and will lead to progress even when hard moral issues are on the line. Conversely, poor communication, and a lack of attention to the social and ethical environment for doing business, can result in adverse public reactions, direct legal repercussions as well as mounting regulation, and hence increased costs and higher rates of failure.

Promote diversity, equality and inclusion

We will value and actively seek diversity, equality and inclusion. Diverse teams that are representative and inclusive are smarter, provide higher returns, and help create products and services that work for a greater number of people in society.

The business models

Integrity and fair dealing should be an integral part of the organisational culture.

We will always consider social and environmental impact of development / deployment of our technology as well as when choosing suppliers and partners.

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