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The Singular
Intelligence AI platform 
is a Complete, End-to-End Software that will let you reach real Insights and optimal decisions 
from your Data

Designed for direct use by business decision makers, integration with business processes or automated decisions, in any device, the Singular Intelligence solution offers are modular and scalable

The SI Platform
is designed for 

SI Platform for Different Purposes

Singular Intelligence offers an applied AI product in SaaS model 

Forward looking decisions augmented with AI simulations using all causal factors

CatmanAi SaaS Model

Always on price, Promotion and Market Mix Optimization

AI consumer trends prediction

Manage Risk and outcome of New product launches

Always on demand sensing, Anomaly detection and simulation

A Real time AI based Decision Engine:
Disruptive Value Proposition

Artificial Intelligence Engine



To access  reliable insights in the post covid world, CatmanAI is your AI assistant to help you build reliable category, channel, format and product strategies and collaborative business plans for maximising category performance in a consumer
and market situation.



Use AI as an intelligent assistant that suppress all the limits and constraints you are currently facing with standard systems. Provide the best actionable recommendations to the teams you support.



Optimise production, replenishment, product availability along the whole chain. Avoid unnecessary product and food waste, reduce opportunity costs, limit unnecessary promotions and firesales. 


Make best resources allocations and campaigns choice, and maximise your Return on Marketing Investments (based on multiple scenarios in real-time, taking into considerations all available and relevant data sources).


Make the best decisions that will really deliver on your goals and KPI’s, by assessing and selecting the optimal pricing, and the relevant promotions, at the right time. Significantly reduce the costly inefficiencies that you are facing. 


Base your negotiation efforts on accurate and impactful scenarios, that can be shared with your clients and partners for mutually profitable outcomes.


Impact the value and valuation of your organisation, through sales, revenue, profit, market share maximisation and supply-chain optimisation. Our solution can be used as a strategic sales, marketing, and supply decision tool to maximise your organisation performance. 


Maximise the RoI, Revenue, and Profit of your organisation, by understanding the potential impact of marketing budgets and promotion allowance. Enable optimised price elasticity decisions. Help teams to make the best possible use of their budgets. 


Complete your set of existing tools with an off the shelf solution, and deliver way beyond your current capabilities to better serve your organisation.

Validated across industry sectors

Global FMCG Leader

Improved MMM process design, including price and promotion optimisation using granular store/day/sku data

Global Data Consolidator

Automated performance prediction with quantification of causal factors for category, manufacturers and brands

Autonomous Retail/Vending

Dynamic price, promotion and replenishment recommendation using real-time on-shelf date

European Bottler

Revenue management, price and promotion optimisation across all beverage categories 

Starting from a low-cost pilot, the solutions can be adopted in an incremental roadmap across markets and categories to build an enterprise wide AI augmented decision competence

CatmanAi Roadmap Accross Markets and Categories
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