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Augmented, automated decisions in a quantified market & Industry 4.0

Data is at the core of consumer goods and retail value chain spanning consumer touch points, EPOS, supply and distribution, market and competition. This is not only diverse and disparate, but it is also coming at different speeds. Consumer Goods and Retail companies are in need of making faster and agile decisions, in some cases automated and in real time. The challenge is an inability to make sense of all data in time to act with knowledge of all causal factors, create and evaluate possible future scenarios and sense the potential impact of decisions.


Singular Intelligence Technology (SI-DAX™) combines frontiers of Artificial Intelligence with advanced big data analytics to automate modeling and analysis of variety and velocity of consumer sector data. It is an always-on, automated decision system designed for direct use by business teams that produces alerts, recommendations and enables future scenario evaluation for both strategic planning and inflight optimisation.


Singular Intelligence Innovation focus is minimizing decision latency by automated modeling and analysis quantifying and harmonising all causal factors. A multi-level deep network recommendation engine works in conjunction with a smart data-hub harmonising and quantifying all market factors. 

Augmented Automated Decisions

From data to intelligence: SiDAX™ uses neural networking techniques to examine the data, and deep learning algorithms constantly improve on its predictions as real-world results are monitored and used to fine-tune the analysis. 

Most data sources are complex and unstructured; SiDAX™ is uniquely capable of performing advanced, self-correcting predictive analytics across all types of data, including Big Data. 
Predictive analytics leading to best decisions: one of the most powerful features of SiDAX™ is the ability to model and predict future outcomes using simulations that account for all the variables in your market and allow you to play out scenarios and foresee their impact in advance. When combined with the deep learning algorithms in Si-DAX, extremely accurate warnings and notifications can be set up that alert you to issues and opportunities whilst you still have time to take action to optimise performance.

See Future Scenarios - All Causal Factors - Decide

CatmanAi Casual Factors and Future Scenarios

1. Speed, which is not just about the response time of a query; it is about the time and effort it takes to collate and prepare the data for analysis. In order to be relevant, data needs to be comprehensive and fresh. Si-DAX automatically collates and harmonises all the data sources (Company, external, 3rd party, web and open) that make up the full picture of your own business, market conditions and competitive landscape.

2. Accuracy, particularly with predictive analytics is the key area where the AI technique called deep learning is transforming analytics. By automatically learning from business outcomes, and constantly adapting and evolving the analytical routines in response, not only delivers incredible accuracy, but this is maintained as market and business conditions evolve.

3. Diversity of inputs: Most analytical systems work from structured business data residing in the relational databases that underpin standard business application (ERP, CRM etc.). Si-DAX additionally accepts non-structured - aka "Big" data from web and IoT sources. Most importantly it automatically combines and harmonises these different and incompatible data types into a proprietary universal data structure that allows every information source to contribute to delivering the most accurate and reliable insights.

4. Usability: By automating the technical and mathematical aspects of data analysis, all business users can benefit from insights, alerts and recommendations identified by Si-DAX regardless of job role or skill set.

5. Interaction designed with users in mind: It’s not an engineering tool for engineers; Si-DAX solutions are designed for business users, is ready to use and does not require technical skills.

  • Monitoring your data for significant events is fully automated.

  • Alerting you to opportunities or threats can be delivered through your preferred communication technology (email, text, etc).

  • Recommended response strategies can be tested and compared either via the Si-DAX web application or through your own preferred dashboard technology.

  • You can even talk to Si-DAX via a chat-bot.

Making AI adoption easy:The syetem is designed to work directly with your data sources and create value for business user and there is no particular need for companies to have advanced data services and data lakes in place before they can start leveraging the power of AI in SI platform.

The Business Case of Adopting SI Platform

The platform enables replacing current manual, expensive analytics and insight development process by an always-on automated system. The SI technology platform’s modularity and scalability at incremental unit cost ensure wider adoption for maximum impact. A forward-looking system that enables timely and quality decision making at strategic as well as execution level enables significant business gains and savings. The company’s overall data assets gain value as they are leveraged for best decision making and competitive advantage. 


Further, the AI Augmented human decision making improves creativity and collaboration within the company helping build a scalable competence of AI augmented decision making leveraging their unique data asset to create competitive advantage.


Falling Unit Cost Prediction

The Singular Intelligence technology is offered to customers as an innovative cloud-based SaaS product. All the foundations of an AI-driven analytical application are pre-built into the Si-DAX platform. It’s a unique data crunching engine that analyses data feeds and predicts future outcomes for your business. Si-DAX solutions consider the widest possible spectrum of causal factors at the finest level of detail in near real-time.Pre-determined applications can be selected (for FMCG/CPG companies or Retailers) or specific applications can be developed to your own specification: the Si-DAX™ platform is taught to understand the specificity of your unique business, starts with a highly reliable system and through continuous  learning improves further the accuracy of your business forecasts, as it experiences more of your data and accounts for the resultant business outcomes. SI-DAX™ brings together historical, real-time and predicted data from your own in-house applications, from external market data feeds, news and social media feeds, weather feeds, consumer satisfaction sites and surveys and other online sources.

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