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  • Sree Vidya Pillai

Revolutionising Pig Farming and Meat Production with Next-Gen CatmanAI™

Updated: May 9

UK pig meat production fell 2.5% year on year as of 2024 and Slaughter numbers are at their lowest since 2011 reducing production volumes.

The wet weather has been negatively impacting farm productivity limiting the pig supplies, further the rocketing straw prices due to poor harvest resulted in housing the cattle for long period due to poor farm conditions. 

Further continued wet weather is adding pressure to future market costs and supplies. 

These challenges possess immense potential to disrupt the Supply-Demand Balance, profoundly impacting demand forecasting, supply risk prediction, Inventory and production management.  


Join us in navigating this uncertain phase and mitigating supply-demand imbalances effectively. 

Intelligent Supply Demand Sensing Solution under the flagship product  CatmanAI™, has proven established results in reducing the food waste from 40% to 90% per SKU by one of the leading meat suppliers Cranswick based out of UK. 


The Key Business Impact of the solution were the following: 


  1. Reduced Downgrades of premium meat​ by 18% upto 36% per SKU 

  2. 10% reduction in Supply waste 

  3. Reduce food waste of retail stores from 40% to 90% / SKU. 

  4. Increased availability of SKU by 2% - 18%  

  5. Improved sales by 5.5% with price optimization 

  6. Manage inventory to reduce supply demand imbalance by 70% 


Singular Intelligence Customer case study  

We're offering a limited trial to select few companies in UK, with an opportunity for co-investment with Digital Catapult.


For more information about this solution, Contact : 

Call us: +44 7919334137 

Visit our website for more details : 


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