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Decisions, augmented and automated, for:


  • Marketing investments and media campaigns.

  • Marketing mix modelling (MMM).

  • Pricing and promotions (PnP).

  • Demand forecasting.

  • Production forecasting.

  • Supply-chain.

  • D2C and eCommerce, with automation of:

    • Supply and replenishment.

    • Price and promotions.


  • Pricing and promotions (PnP).

  • Marketing investments and campaigns.

  • Marketing mix modelling (MMM).

  • Demand forecasting.

  • Supply-chain.


  • Autonomous Retail: Dynamic pricing, promotion, replenishment & assortment planning.



  • Consumer Goods companies (manufacturers, brands, retailers) constantly make thousands of strategic and tactical sales and marketing decisions.

  • However, these decisions are so interconnected and complex, that optimising marketing investments and commercial campaigns, price and promotions decisions, and supply planning, is highly ineffective.

  • The current processes and systems can not enable simplified and optimal decision-making. They lead to significant underachievement in sales, revenue, profit, market share and brand equity.

  • Using the full power of AI, the Singular Intelligence platform provides the alerts, scenarios, predictions and recommendations needed by all decision makers within an organisation.

  • It augments decisions, and can also automate decision processes. The key outcomes (sales, revenue, profit, market share) are immediately transformed. 

  • It enables:

    • Optimal decision-making - at an unprecedented level - increasing marketing, pricing, promotion effectiveness.

    • Forecasting, demand and supply planning.

    • Automated retail.

  • Last but not least, we believe that your own job is also taking a completely new dimension, as this intelligent decision assistant is seamlessly integrated with your daily work, available at your fingertips. It leaves space for you to thrive where the human brain adds much more value. 


• Less than 30% of Trade Promotions in the CPG industry are profitable. The Singular Intelligence solution enables to improve performance by at least 25%.

• Singular IntelligenceI enables to implement the most optimal pricing and promotions (for one SKU, or across the board) based on advanced predictive analytics.

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  • Single pricing or across the board pricing optimisation. 

  • Granularity: Geo-location. Areas-Segments-Products-SKU. Store level. Consumers.

  • Dynamic insight on demand for any product at store level.

  • Predictive scenario and automated recommendations (highly accurate) on markets, product, price, promotion.

  • Build, test and execute effective pricing and promotion strategies.

  • Plan and alert, manage supply and replenishment. The AI engine warns you when a specific situation needs to be dealt with (e.g a weather forecast change may prompt you to replenish in some areas for some product categories or specific sku).

  • Proactive management through predictions and simulations for threats, opportunities, distribution, and promotions efficiency.

  • Supports any decisions such as order more or order less, mark up or mark down. Or decide to not do anything.


  1. It includes all relevant markets & operations factors, external and internal, like sales, competition, pricing, consumers, weather, etc.

  2. At the core is an AI dynamic predictive analytics engine.

  3. It delivers outputs in the format of predictions, scenarios, alerts, recommendations, that either augments human decision-making, or are used to automate processes.

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Use AI as an intelligent assistant that suppress all the limits and constraints you are currently facing with standard systems. Provide the best actionable recommendations to the teams you support.



Optimise production, replenishment, product availability along the whole chain. Avoid unnecessary product and food waste, reduce opportunity costs, limit unnecessary promotions and firesales. 


Make the best decisions that will really deliver on your goals and KPI’s, by assessing and selecting the optimal pricing, and the relevant promotions, at the right time. Significantly reduce the costly inefficiencies that you are facing. 


Make best resources allocations and campaigns choice, and maximise your Return on Marketing Investments (based on multiple scenarios in real-time, taking into considerations all available and relevant data sources).


Base your negotiation efforts on accurate and impactful scenarios, that can be shared with your clients and partners for mutually profitable outcomes.


Impact the value and valuation of your organisation, through sales, revenue, profit, market share maximisation and supply-chain optimisation. Our solution can be used as a strategic sales, marketing, and supply decision tool to maximise your organisation performance. 


Maximise the RoI, Revenue, and Profit of your organisation, by understanding the potential impact of marketing budgets and promotion allowance. Enable optimised price elasticity decisions. Help teams to make the best possible use of their budgets. 


Complete your set of existing tools with an off the shelf solution, and deliver way beyond your current capabilities to better serve your organisation.



Our AI powered tools have been specifically designed for the unique challenges of CPG decision makers and process automation: 

  • Speed: collates, analyses and interprets all your data streams (Internal, 3rd party and Web) in real time. 

  • Detail: maintains speed and accuracy at the finest granularity your data contains. SKU level, Store level, Date/Time.

  • Accuracy: learns from significant events in the past. Monitors live data. Predicts and models the future with >90% precision.

  • Ease: automated natural language alerts and recommendations that identify and interpret opportunities and threats specific to each job role.

  • Control: visualise, model and adjust key parameters for instantaneous impact projections that you can trust.

  • Our AI engine for FMCG/CPG automates the collating and interpretation of those data streams: business users don't have to rely on the availability of data scientists or other expertise.





Making optimised sales and marketing decisions, and supply and demand planning decisions. That maximise your results (financial results, brand equity, supply-chain optimisation).


The key benefits of our solution for Brands:

• It makes decision-making easy, seamless, and optimal, whether you are looking at top-line strategic decisions, or inflight granular decisions.

• It also makes all decisions optimal: when you have several teams making hundreds of sales and marketing decisions to reach one or a combination of goals, they must be coherent to maximise goals achievement.

• It has an immediate impact on results. For example, it boosts the financial effectiveness of your promotion spending and marketing investments.
Consumer goods brands typically spend between 10% and 30% of revenues on trade promotions; however, as much as 70% of those promotions fail to generate profit!

Making optimised sales and marketing decisions (including price, promotions, product selection), and supply and demand planning decisions, as you have never been able to do.

The 4 main benefits of our solution for Retail:

• It ensures your customers are offered the goods they want, when and where they want it, at an optimised price point.

• It automatizes your supply-chain and replenishment operations.

• It therefore maximises your margins and accounts for stock availability and shelf life. 

• It also helps your waste management, a significant consideration for retailers, both from a cost perspective and from a brand perception angle (with the UN making it one of their key sustainable development goals and many major grocery names signing up to initiatives such as Champions 12.3). 

• Dynamic pricing and promotions

• Automated replenishment chain

• As intelligent shelves are fast becoming a reality (digital presentation of price information; automated measurement of inventory; monitoring of customer behaviour), it is essential to be able to use the data they generate and the dynamic marketing platform they provide with as much automation as possible.

It is also important to ensure that the in-store data is analysed in context with regional and national market data, historical company data, as well as brand specific insights and trends.

Most importantly, however, is that this process happens while the data is still fresh and the insights derived can be understood and acted upon with locally available expertise.

Intelligent shelves demand intelligent analytics, provided by Singular Intelligence.


With Shekel Brainsweigh and Singular Intelligence, the Autonomous Retail Store Revolution is here:

Shekel BrainWeigh™ suite of products effectively combine AI and traditional weighing technology via standard IoT platform. We are meeting the main challenges of retail through: operational efficiency; enhanced customer experience; store automation (autonomous store). 

AI Shelf - composed of Hardware (ultra-thin, extremely accurate, robust and high performance load cells) and groundbreaking software – 4D recognition layer based on deep learning technology and IoT connectivity. The retail world is recognized in a different way – no longer is it difficult to know what’s on the shelf and what’s not.


Innovendi - an unattended automated vending machine. It’s a fully autonomous solution allowing self-service of products with spot-on accuracy. It’s based on BrainWeigh’s 4D weighing technology. Easy to operate – present an ID or credit card to unlock the door > open it and grab an item (even put back) > close the door, pay and go! Information about stock is communicated in real-time to the vendor.


"The BAY" - a set of 4-5 retail standard shelves or racks converted to Product Aware Shelf technology. They can be used as end cap/gondola shelving strategically placed at the end of grocery store aisles to present special promotions, manage product mix and arrangement and produce replenishment recommendations. “The Bay” can replace any other shelving racks in the store and be moved to create effective customer traffic flow.


Singular Intelligence - provides the retailer with accurate, automated and real-time predictions and recommendations, enabling optimal shelves replenishment plans, product arrangement, pricing and promotions decisions. Their powerful AI engine integrates and harmonises all causal factors (point of sales, consumer preferences, brand perception, competition, weather, pricing/promotions, events, macro-economics, etc.), and their AI dynamic analytics provides most accurate alerts, predictions and scenarios to maximise sales, revenue and consumer experience. 



A supplier of micro-market kiosks has partnered with Singular Intelligence to embed Si-DAX ™  for Retail into their fully automated outlets. For this scenario Si-DAX for Retail utilises the live sales and customer data from each kiosk and, combining this with localised environmental and news information, compares it with data from the entire network of kiosks.

Each kiosk is then able to decide for itself the product mix that best suits its location, what price points or bundle offers will ensure that margins are optimised whilst waste is minimised. Replenishment orders are automatically placed for the right goods, at the right time to avoid stock-outs


The Singular Intelligence solution for Retail enables real time monitoring of localised market conditions and in-store metrics, along with regional and national data, to be automatically translated into meaningful insights and recommended actions.

Dynamic pricing is a key feature of the worlds most successful online retailers…however for physical stores, the challenge of bringing variable, condition based discounting requires a much more complex and diverse range of new data collection technologies to be employed. Our SI engine for Retail is uniquely positioned to collate and interpret all available information, and is built to optimise real-time, location specific price, promotion and replenishment decisions.

For Tier1 Retail, however large and complex your retail estate is, the Singular Intelligence solution for Retail can scale to meet your needs. The really nice thing about using Artificial Intelligence at scale is that the more data we consume, the more our technology learns about your business and the more accurate and personalised our insights and recommendations become.

FMCG and CPG Brands who should work with us are: AMWAY INDIA, Alfred Dunhill Ltd, Altria Group, Anelor SA, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Archer Daniels Midland, Asahi Breweries, Beiersdorf, Body Shop International, British American Tobacco, Britvic, Cadbury Schweppes, Carlsberg, Clorox, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Coty Manufacturing, Danone, Diageo, Domestic & General, Estee Lauder Cosmetics, Fujifilm Electronic Imaging, General Mills, Gillette UK, Heineken Holding, Heinz, Helena Rubinstein, JBS, Kimberly-Clark, Kirin Breweries, Knorr, Kraft, Lego, Lever  Faberge, Lifebuoy, L'Oreal, Maggi, Mars, Midland, Mondelez, Nestlé, Northern Foods, Pepsi, Philip Morris International, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, Red Bull GmbH, Revlon International Corporation, Roche Products UK, SAB Miller, Sara Lee, Tyson Foods, Unilever, United Biscuits, Warburtons, Wilkinson Sword, Kreativekoncepts.
Retailers who would benefit from our solutions are: Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons, Aldi, Co-op, Lidl, Waitrose, Iceland, Ocado, in the UK (hypermarkets, supermarkets); Hyper U, Système U, Super U, Express U, Utile, Intermarché, Les Mousquetaires, Netto, Auchan, Simply Market, Leader Price, Groupe Casino, Leader Price Express, Geant Casino, Casino, Franprix, Monoprix, Vival, Casino shop, Petit Casino, SPAR, Carrefour, Carrefour, E. Leclerc, Cora, Louis Delhaize Group, Match, Lidl, Schwarz Gruppe, Aldi, Colruyt, Colruyt Group (supermarchés, hypermarchés) in France. 
Singular Intelligence is providing the best Predictive Analyitcs tool, with vastly superior capabilities compared to Blue Yonder ( or Visual Fabriq (, according to Gartner and Forrester.

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