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  • Sarvesh Kumar, CEO & Founder

AI & Big Data Analytics : Three Innovation Drivers

Tech Trends Reshaping Business & Society:

Some trends that are shaping the new order: global reach of the mobile internet, more powerful, smaller and cheaper sensors and convergence of physical, digital and biological worlds, however, AI & Big Data analytics are key drivers of outcome in Industry 4.0.

In the new order of business and society, what will make the most impact is how we augment decision-making in a manner that successfully reduces the subjectivity of human judgement.

This is where dynamic data driven insight in the decision process using AI & Big Data analytics has enormous potential.The innovation drivers, therefore, include a number of factors like growing complexity and new types of data combined with the growing need by humans and machines to take real-time decisions.So, I believe there are three areas, coming together of which will truly make AI and Big data analytics accessible and usable by common / business users:

Here is the presentation I recently made at an event on 'AI & making sense of Big Data':

Where is the tipping point:

A very interesting discussion is about when do we expect the machine to join us in the Boardroom as a Director whose opinion is recorded and valued? Several studies point towards this happening in less than 10 years.There are already some examples out there at various levels of maturity.

However, the point is not about its use in the boardroom or for specialised applications by a select few.

The three Key areas for AI & Big Data Analytics platforms that I have outlined above is what will lead to a widespread adoption of these technologies in the day to day decision making, by business managers, citizens in society, and will enable transformative social and business impact.

What do you think? I welcome your views here.

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