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  • Jean Littolff, Singular Intelligence

A not to be missed event: "Three key ways to use AI to improve commercial performance".

Now is the time to apply artificial intelligence (AI) technology to commercial decision making, to achieve competitive advantage. Some Consumer Goods companies are now making a leap forward while others are left behind.

Over the last few years few technologies have captured attention quite as much as AI. The interest is more than justified, because the technology is poised to drastically change the current business landscape. At the same time the CPG marketplace is under unprecedented pressure with dramatic falls in growth. Despite huge increases in data scope and frequency, current analytical processes are slow, inaccurate and focused on the past.

Singular Intelligence are experts on the application of AI technology within the CPG marketplace. We are hosting a 1 hour briefing on “Three key ways to use AI to improve commercial performance”. Here we will clearly demonstrate how CPG companies can embrace the AI opportunity in 2018 to significantly improve commercial decision making, drive competitive advantage and improve business performance.

The event takes place at 9am on Friday 25 May, at the Microsoft office in London.

Numbers are limited and we encourage you to book your free place as soon as possible on this link:

We are looking forward to meeting you,

The Singular Intelligence team

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