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Advancing Sustainability together with Digital Catapult

Global Volume of 1.6 billon tonnes of food per year estimated to be at $230 Billion is either lost or go wasted.  Food wastage has brought a significant impact on the financials of FMCG and retail sector. 

Singular Intelligence has joined forces with Digital Catapult through initiatives like the Machine Intelligence Garage Program, Made Smarter Technology Accelerator, and Digital Catapult Supply Chain Hub. Together, our focus is on reducing food waste and championing sustainability. Looking ahead, we aspire to contribute to Digital Catapult's Testbed and trial Facilities in the future.

Singular Intelligence used its funding from Digital Supply Chain Hub to develop an AI- driven Intelligent supply demand sensing solution for SMEs that accurately interprets market signals (at macro and micro levels) to mitigate the risk of supply-demand imbalances.

Introduction to Intelligent Supply Demand Sensing Solution

Case Study

Singular Intelligence partnership with Digital Catapult

Challenges and Success

In a turbulent environment of high inflation and global tensions, the UK pork industry grapples with supply-demand imbalances. Singular Intelligence steps in to predict demand accurately and mitigate supply risks, reducing the industry's vulnerability to fluctuating market dynamics.

The solution Intelligent Supply Demand Sensing Solution under the flagship product CatmanAI™ has been validated by Cranswick with proven established results in reducing the food waste from 40% to 90% per SKU.

Singular Intelligence - Digital Supply Chain Hub Showcase

For Sainsbury’s there was a 2-5% improvement in product availability and a 50-70% reduction of food waste.

Pls download the case study on "How Singular Intelligence is using AI to overcome supply chain challenges with Sainsbury’s and Cranswick" from here

Singular intelligence case study - report form
Download PDF • 536KB

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