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  • Sree Vidya Pillai

Reduce Downgrading of Meat

CatmanAI™ Intelligent Supply Demand Sensing Solution

High prices for meat typically reflect their superior quality or distinctive characteristics. Meat downgrading occurs when there's a decrease in quality or grade, compelling manufacturers, or retailers to sell the meat at lower prices. 


Preventing meat downgrading is crucial for any meat producer which requires accurate safety stock estimation. 

Cranswick which is one of the largest meat suppliers of UK encountered with pig over slaughtering leading to downgrades of up to 46% for certain SKUs due to demand fluctuations.  


Singular Intelligence CatmanAI™ has been successfully validated with Cranswick in addressing this challenge. As a result, pig over-slaughtering decreased by 11%, leading to a remarkable 14% increase in revenue per pig


Our collaborative partner, Digital Catapult, offers grant funding tailored specifically to facilitate the implementation of these supply chain solutions within commercial markets. 


Singular Intelligence Customer case study 

More about our customer case study  

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