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  • Sree Vidya Pillai

Revolutionising FMCG Industry with CatmanAI™

Updated: May 22

Join Our Limited Trial Offer in the UK!

Developed and launched in collaboration with Innovate UK and Digital Catapult, CatmanAI™ has been piloted globally with companies like Unilever, Kraft Heinz, Sainsbury's and Wipro Consumer Care, it boasts 98% accuracy and over 700% ROI. 

CatmanAI™ focuses on reducing supply-demand imbalances, advancing sustainability by reducing food waste and carbon footprint, and optimizing inventory, media, logistics, routes, prices, and promotions. 


Seamless onboarding and effortless scalability, integrated with client ERP systems, ensure efficiency. 

Check out our customer testimonial here

We're offering a limited trial in the UK. Digital Catapult is providing grant funding specifically to support the deployment of these supply chain solutions in commercial markets.

This trial not only allows you to experience the benefits of CatmanAI™ firsthand but also opens up potential co-investment opportunities with Digital Catapult, further propelling innovation in the FMCG space


Could you please spare 20 minutes of your time to see a demo and share your views? Here is a calendar link to choose a convenient slot. 

Call us: +44 7919334137 

Visit our website for more details : 

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