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  • Sree Vidya Pillai

Tackling Brexit Challenges with CatmanAI™

Updated: 6 days ago

A growing number of companies in UK are shifting towards sourcing goods locally to mitigate Brexit challenges. Currently there is a rising resilience on technology to streamline procurement processes within supply chain.

Starting in January 2024, the government has implemented comprehensive Brexit border controls affecting the import of plants, animals, and food from the mainland to the UK. These measures have significant implications for businesses reliant on imports from the continent. These challenges will intensify by October 2024 deepening the supply chain crisis.

Intelligent Supply Demand Sensing Solution under the flagship product CatmanAI™ can help predict the supply risks and disruptions long before humans can spot them thereby streamlining the procurement operations.


Singular Intelligence Customer case study


We're offering a limited trial to select few companies in UK, in partnership with Digital Catapult. Digital Catapult is providing grant funding specifically to support the deployment of these supply chain solutions in commercial markets.

Streamline your procurement process with CatmanAI™

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