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  • Sarvesh Kumar, CEO

Singular Intelligence at Nasscom XPERIENCE AI Showcase

NASSCOM Centre of Excellence for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence recently organised XPERIENCE AI, a program aimed to provide a platform for AI companies to “co-ideate, co-innovate and co-create” with the enterprises and the industry at large.

The XPERIENCE AI program at Bengaluru, India, witnessed over 30 AI innovators and more than 75 key decision makers from various industries participate.

Singular Intelligence was one of the Key AI Innovators selected to present and showcase its Innovative #AI platform for #FMCG #Retail augmented, automated marketing & supply planning insight and decisions.

The Core of Singular Intelligence innovation is an AI decision system that considers all market contexts and constraints to produce future scenarios and enable simulation. A smart data harmonisation, a dynamic insight engine and decision automation and optimisation modules working together ensure that the power of AI is directly available to business users and analysts for quality insights and decisions in real time.

It was a great to share our innovative product and interact with a number of leading companies in FMCG, Retail and Market research.

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