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Revolutionising Beauty Care Supply Chain through CatmanAi

AI has long been a transformative force in the Beauty Care Sector. The integration of AI into beauty care categories have introduced personalised recommendations, cutting edge advanced skin care analysis, AI enhanced supply chain and AI driven customer experiences.

Beauty Care category is segmented into.

  • Skin care

  • Personal Care

  • Hair Care

  • Fragrances

Unlike large size categories like Food, mid-size categories like beauty care retail sector faces considerable complexities in demand forecasting and inventory management, often standing out as a sector with uniquely intricate challenges within the retail landscape.

Demand forecasting accuracy at a global level is about 50 percent on average for beauty care categories and as low as 30 percent for certain Premium SKUs.

Using an under-forecasted model for demand planning lowers the service level and fulfilment rate, risking customer dissatisfaction and potential decline in brand loyalty.

In the Beauty Care Supply Chain, securing necessary raw materials for production often results in extended production timelines, sometimes spanning several months. This elongation directly impacts a retailer’s Inventory Management lead time which represents the duration between initiating a purchase order for product replenishment and its warehouse arrival. As the supply chain grows in links, variations in order lead times from different suppliers increase, further stretching the overall inventory lead time for retailers.

For a beauty care category, because of higher lead time in product replenishment, it becomes critical to accurately measure the amount of safety stock that needs to be maintained for 99% fulfilment rate and service levelInsufficient stock to meet demand may jeopardize customer loyalty. 

CatmanAi can tackle the under-forecasting challenge within the Beauty Care Segment, ensuring precise demand planning and adequate safety stock availability.

Forecasting lies at the core of CatmanAi. Every solution within CatmanAI, including Category Forecasting, Supply Demand Sensing Solution, Digital Shelf-Life AI, and E-Commerce MMM, is inherently equipped with robust forecasting capabilities, shaping the core essence of CatmanAI. 

Singular Intelligence CatmanAi has helped one of the largest Global FMCG Company with accurate demand forecasting for skin and personal care category with less than 5% error. The solution was rolled out to 11 countries.

In the APAC region, Singular Intelligence's CatmanAi aided a leading consumer care company by precisely determining that an essential 20% safety stock is required to maintain a 80% Plus Service level, ensuring a flawless 98% fulfilment rate. 

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