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Future-Proofing Success with CatmanAi

The Power Trio of Forecasting, Budgeting, and Planning

Forecasting, Budgeting and Planning act as a dynamic guide, helping FMCG Industry map and shape their present and future business paths.

Precise demand forecasting holds immense importance as it steers budgeting, subsequently influencing business planning. This calls for a sophisticated, intricate analytical model. Conventional analytics tools and methods are no longer adequate for this purpose.

Singular Intelligence’s CatmanAi represents a transformative triple commitment aimed at reshaping the FMCG industry, offering indispensable support in forecasting, budgeting, and planning, revolutionizing the landscape of FMCG Operations.

Forecasting lies at the core of CatmanAI. Every solution within CatmanAI, including Category Forecasting, Supply Demand Sensing Solution, Digital Shelf-Life AI, and E-Commerce MMM, is inherently equipped with robust forecasting capabilities, shaping the core essence of CatmanAi.

A major global FMCG company encountered forecasting errors affecting the budgeting and planning of its Food, Home Care, Beauty, and Personal Care products. CatmanAi's Category forecasting solution significantly reduced forecasting errors to less than 5%. Subsequently, this solution expanded to cover 58 categories across 11 countries.

CatmanAi extends beyond forecasting to craft what-if scenarios, optimizing budgetary operations for Marketing, Inventory, Logistics, and supply planning fostering substantial savings alongside profitability. The what-if scenario planner within CatmanAi’s Ecommerce MMM supported one of the UK's largest CPG/F&B market leaders, boosting their incremental sales uplift by 4.9%. This improvement was achieved by enhancing product reviews specifically for niche and premium brands on their ecommerce website.

In line with Industry 5.0 planning for any FMCG Company stretches beyond finances to give precedence to sustainability. CatmanAi stands as a champion of sustainability, addressing the environmental footprint of food waste through its innovative CatmanAi Supply Demand Sensing Solution and Digital Shelf-life AI.

CatmanAi has Proven established results in reducing the food waste from 40% to 90% per SKU by one of the leading meat supplier and retailer based out of UK. In addition, there was a 10% reduction in premature disposal of waste supplies.

Our solution aligns with the core themes of Industry 5.0: Human Centric, Resilient, and Sustainability. Singular Intelligence is a human centric organization committed to bridging the gap between people and AI.

Over the last two years, CatmanAi’s core theme has been resilience and sustainability.

We partnered with Digital Catapult UK in the Machine Intelligence Garage Program , Made Smarter Technology Accelerator , Digital Catapult Supply Chain Hub, engaging in multiple initiatives all with the goal of minimizing food waste and promoting sustainability.

CatmanAi isn't just a solution; it's a transformative influence in the FMCG realm, aiding the transition from Industry 4.0 to the innovative era of Industry 5.0.It achieves this by integrating forecasting, budgeting, and planning while embracing the core principles of Industry 5.0: Human Centric, Resilient, and Sustainability.

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