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The Critical Role of Product Availability in Industry 5.0

The delivery of exceptional customer experience and hyper customization stands as the foremost component of Industry 5.0. The evolution towards hyper customization and mass personalization driven by IOT and AI explains the crucial importance of product availability.

Reliable product availability serves as the cornerstone for fostering a positive customer experience, thereby cultivating a loyal customer base. Making the product available to the customer at the right time is one of the keys to delivering customer experience and hyper customization.

The level of product availability is one of the primary measures of a supply chain's responsiveness which is why there is a shift from the Intelligent supply chain to Responsive and Distributed Supply Chain as one the key highlights of Industry 5.0

The absence of product availability can cause customer dissatisfaction and frustration affecting retention rates and loyalty.

In Industry 5.0, where customization and personalization are crucial, product availability becomes a linchpin for success. The integration of real-time data, predictive analytics, and responsive supply chains becomes pivotal in ensuring that the necessary elements are on hand to fulfill these unique orders promptly.

Singular Intelligence Unique CatamanAi’s Supply Demand Sensing Solution has proven established results in optimising the product availability.

For a major meat supplier, CatmanAi has notably boosted product availability, achieving an increased product availability ranging from 2% to an impressive 18% for select SKUs as seen below.

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