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  • Sarvesh Kumar and Sree Vidya Pillai

Embrace Green Supply Chain with Singular Logistics.AI

Singular Intelligence is part of the Bridge AI InnovatUK High Growth accelerator, which was set up in partnership with the Alan Turing Institute, STFC Hartree Centre, BSI, and AWS. As part of this initiative, Singular Intelligence is working with transport sector customer RailX.

Aligned with the vision of advancing efficiency and sustainability, in line with Industry 5.0, Singular Intelligence is pioneering a groundbreaking solution within the realm of CatmanAI™ 4.0, aptly named LogisticsAI for multi-modal Transport covering Sea, Rail and Road freight.

This innovative approach aims to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and reduce price and cost stemming from freight transportation, thus fostering a greener and more eco-friendly logistical landscape.

Our solution optimises routes by balancing time, cost, capacity, and CO2 emissions according to customizable parameters and frontiers of AI/ML and advanced analytics-based optimisation techniques. We maximise destination coverage while minimising transport modes and maximising capacity, ensuring highly efficient routes that cater to diverse logistical needs.

Our agile optimisation methodology swiftly adapts to any shifts in the supply chain, be it alterations in ship ETA, road transport availability, or rail schedules. Additionally, it factors in delivery time constraints and promptly alerts stakeholders to any potential disruptions in the supply chain, which is particularly critical for Just-in-Time (JIT) services.

We are part of a High-Growth AI Accelerator in collaboration with Digital Catapult Futurescope, supported by The Alan Turing Institute, BSI, and Cloud companies like AWS, STFC Hartree centre and to create and deploy Logistics.AI™, aimed at reducing CO2 Emissions focusing on customer profit with Route Optimisation.

Sarvesh Kumar, CEO of Singular Intelligence, introduced our groundbreaking solution, Logistics.AI™, at a workshop organized by Digital Catapult UK on April 24, 2024, marking the debut of our innovative solution, Logistics.AI™.

The Solution will be first tested on RAILX (

RAILX is a digital marketplace that buys and sell intermodal rail freight capacity and associated logistics services, including ‘final-mile’ deliveries by road.


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