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  • Sarvesh Kumar and Sree Vidya Pillai

Using AI to overcome supply chain challenges

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Global Volume of 1.6 billion tonnes of food per year, estimated at $230 Billion, is either lost or wasted. Food wastage has significantly impacted the financials of FMCG and the retail sector.

Can Artificial Intelligence solve Food waste, a potential cause of hunger worldwide?

Singular Intelligence has been closely working with Digital Catapult on the Digital Supply Chain Hub programme in the UK to tackle the challenge of food waste resulting from supply-demand imbalance. Our unique supply-demand sensing solution developed by our experts has identified several causes, including uncertainty in the market environment, siloed supply chain data and subjective decision-making resulting in

1. >10% excess orders

2. 30-40% downgrades due to lack of sales

3. 50% over-supplied food.

Singular Intelligence has collaborated with Digital Catapult on various programs to reduce food waste and promote sustainability.

We partnered with Digital Catapult in the Machine Intelligence Garage Program, Made Smarter Technology Accelerator, and Digital Catapult Supply Chain Hub, engaging in multiple initiatives to minimize food waste and promote sustainability. Additionally, we collaborated with Digital Catapult Futurescope to develop and implement the Dynamic Shelf-Life AI solution, enhancing product shelf life to combat food waste. We are also being made part of the Digital Catapult’s Testbed and trial Facilities.

We are taking this solution to the next stage with new partnerships, like CHAP (Crop Health and Protection), a UK-based Agritech Innovation Centre.

In our recent engagement - Sainsbury’s, Cranswick, and Singular Intelligence partnered to reduce supply and demand imbalance in the TtD ( Taste The Difference Category) fresh pork supply chain using CatmanAi Intelligent supply demand sensing solution.

Proven established results in reducing the food waste from 40% to 90% per SKU by one of the leading meat supplier and retailer based out of UK

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