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  • Sarvesh Kumar and Sree Vidya Pillai

Transforming Retail E-Commerce through AI

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Reaching out to the customers when they are most receptive is one of the most critical challenges of E-commerce design. Digital Media and Performance marketing have driven customers from brand awareness to the moment of purchase. However, there is no effective measurement system to estimate the effectiveness of Linear (short-term) and Non-Linear (long-term) Impact of Digital Media.

E-Retailers are leveraging AI to streamline e-shopper experiences and drive ROI. However, huge Investments are required in AI implementation, which is yet another operational challenge faced by e-retailers.

The Easy to Use Cost Efficient SaaS based CatmanAI E-Commerce MMM Solution has empowered the Category/Brand Managers and Account/Revenue management of one of the most prominent UK-based FMCG Companies for a major Food Brand to not only reach out to the customer when they are most receptive via better search page rank; optimal images and better page content, the solution also has helped our client measure short term and long term ROI of media, optimise e-commerce media mix on the fly and drive forward to a future they chose.

Keep an eye out for our Big Reveal of How we did it?

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