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  • Sarvesh Kumar and Sree Vidya Pillai

Rewire your business with CatmanAi

Intelligent supply demand sensing, building reliable financial scenarios and finding media ROI in Turbulent times.

CatmanAi is an Always on, Automated, Augmented Decision-making AI tool has come a long way since its inception, launched during the pandemic with only category forecasting and shelf-life AI; with the addition of Intelligent supply demand sensing solution and e-commerce MMM CatmanAi has grown into a formidable AI product today.

The evolution of the product was necessary to meet the customer requirements. COVID-19 impacted several macroeconomic factors bringing in economic uncertainty in majority of the global economies. It is not the uncertainty that was the challenge but the inability of companies to have advanced data analytics and AI capabilities that can help them anticipate, adapt, and respond faster to changing environment’s anomalies and new situations which was the necessity.

To meet market demands Singular Intelligence has extended CatmanAi solution in 2022 to include.

  • Intelligent Supply-Demand Sensing

  • E-Commerce MMM

Singular Intelligence: CatmanAi Key Product Milestones:

Portfolio of CatmanAi Implementations:

Demand Forecasting in Turbulent Times for Unilever with CatmanAi 1.0

  • Problem Statement: Inaccuracy in Demand Forecasting leading to Poor financial Planning.

  • Solution: CatmanAi 1.0 Category Forecasting solution was implemented for Unilever Food, Beauty care, Personal Care and Home Care Products.

  • Business Impact: Reduced forecasting errors <1% and Global rollout of CatmanAi for 58 categories and across 11 countries

E-Commerce MMM for Kraft Heinz with CatmanAi 2.0

  • Problem Statement: One of the largest Food Brand of a CPG/F&B market leaders (Kraft Heinz) with UK operations was losing online market share.

  • Solution: CatmanAi 2.0 E-Commerce MMM solution was implemented for 6 retailers of Kraft Heinz (Tesco, Morrison, Asda, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Ocado) for Beans Category.

  • Business Impact: Investment to drive revenues leading to uplift in 4.9% portfolio sales on retailer platform. Recommended product search rank leading to 3% portfolio sales uplift on retailer platform. Media spend optimization with 20% more spends leading to 35% more returns.

Intelligent Supply - Demand Sensing solution with CatmanAi 3.0

  • Problem Statement: Supply and Demand imbalance in the TtD fresh pork supply chain.

  • Solution: Sainsbury’s, Crans wick, and SI partnered to reduce supply and demand imbalance in the TtD fresh pork supply chain by using CatmanAi 3.0 Intelligent supply demand sensing solution.

  • Business Impact: Proven Established results in reducing the food waste from 40% to 90% per SKU.

Client On-Boarding

  • · 4-6 Weeks for setting up the trial and check for accuracy and usability.

  • · Operational Trial for 3-6 Months with 3 to 4 Users

  • · Long term for wider roll out (>1 Year)

We are offering a limited trial to UK companies in the next few weeks. Contact us to learn more and plan a trial.

Singular Intelligence

Level 39

One Canada Square, Canary Wharf

London E14 5AB, UK

London | Oxford | Bengaluru

Sarvesh Kumar, Founder & CEO, Write to me

Mobile: +44 7919334137

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